The day did not start off to a great start for me. My body felt pretty wrecked after the Beast the day before and when I woke up I could feel it. I might have even contemplated staying in bed but that was only for a few seconds. Ultimately I knew I had travelled a long way and was sacrificing time with my girls to be here so there was no way I could skip the race. I had spoken to Ryan Kent after the Beast and jokingly said I wasn’t sure how I was going to even try to run the Sprint the next day and he just plainly said something like “get your ass to the starting chute and your body will do the rest”. That isn’t word for word what he said but it was along those lines.

Anyway, I dragged my sorry butt out of bed and spent a couple minutes trying to dry my shoes off a little more. I downed my Red Rush beet juice and made myself a coffee with a whack of butter in it and got dressed.

Everyone that raced the day before looked pretty rough but they were there and we were ready to take on the Sprint. It was pretty exciting to be a part of the NBC race and see all that stuff going on and seeing so many pros at one race! The race started off with a nice straight away so I was able to get ahead of most people and was probably somewhere in the top 20. Then we started climbing which really hurt today. I probably could have warmed up better and that would have helped a bit but the hills seemed pretty tough the second day. The obstacles started out with most of the usual like the Hurdles, O-U-T, Log Carry, and things like that.

I started to break away from a few guys at one of the big hill climbs and then really separated myself on the steep decent, something I think I’m half decent at. At that point I was pretty much solo, I could see a guy about 100 yards ahead of me so I was trying to gain ground on him but he was moving pretty quick. That’s when I came to the Z-wall and had no problem with it and up to one of the new obstacles. It was up a cargo net and then down a pipe ladder kind of thing. Nothing difficult but something a little different for sure. Then it was straight into the Atlas Carry. I had just finished my Atlas and was about to head onto the next obstacle, the Sand Bag Carry, when a guy came steaming up. It was Ben Greenfield! I’m not sure how I got ahead of him but that was pretty cool, it gave me an extra push through the sand bag and the rest of the race. I kept my distance ahead of him at that point.

The next tough obstacles were the Bucket Brigade and the Hercules Hoist. This is where I gained on a few smaller runner type guys and passed someone else doing burpees on the Herc Hoist. I didn’t have any particular trouble with the bucket carry or Herc Hoist but they definitely were tough today. From there it was me and at least 2 other “runner” looking guys heading back up the hill and around the course to the dreaded Barbwire Crawl.

I don’t normally dread any obstacles, I am confident in my abilities and know there isn’t often something that will cause me lots of problems. Except this barbwire crawl, it was LONG! Like yesterday I had a lead over some guys until the barbwire. I was about half way through it and trying to keep myself from throwing up because I was that dizzy and I look back to check on the guys behind me and out of no where Ben Greenfield comes barrelling down the barbwire like a steam roller! I have no idea how far behind me he was but he made up some serious ground and passed me under the bridge thing after the barbwire. I was probably about 50 yards or so behind him at that point and got to see him throw his spear and MISS!! I was so pumped that he missed!! I had never missed a spear throw before and this one was a pretty “easy” and straight forward shot. Plus I knew if I made it I would easily have a minute or two lead to get through the last couple obstacles and beat Ben.

I did as I usually do at the Spear throw, make sure the cord is untangled and ahead of the fence, I balance the spear in my hand, square my body up to the target and toss it like a big dart into the heart of the Spear Man. Unfortunately forme I messed up somehow, I must have rotated my hand a little when I threw the spear because it twisted and bounce of the chest of the Spear Man. DAMN! That’s 30 burpees for me, likely no chance to pass Ben this late, and even worse it gave the 3 guys behind me a chance to pass me. Fortunately they all missed their spear too and I finished my burpees and bolted for the last three obstacles: the Slip Wall, Lattice Wall and the Multi-Bar.

The Slip Wall and Lattice wall are nothing too difficult but the Multi Bar cost me 30 burpees yesterday so I was slightly nervous about it. I did have a better idea of how to take it on so I knew if I had any strength left I was going to crush it! I started off good on the rings, I have a long arm span so I only used two of the six rings and skipped right up to the sloped bar. I shimmied my way up that fairly easily but now came the challenging part: the hanging ropes. Yesterday I tried to swing through all the ropes but fell off on the last one. Today I decided that I would get a hand on each of the first two ropes and I would easily reach the bell. Well the bell wasn’t that close so I really got myself swinging back and forth and launched myself through the air and slapped that damn bell as hard as I could! Man that was a relief!! From there I sprinted, to be honest it felt like a sprint but probably looked like a crawl, and hopped the Fire and crossed the finish line in 16th place.

All in all it was a very exciting finish having a bit of a battle with Ben and some other guys but I didn’t cease the opportunity I had to beat him. Although I’m still pretty happy with how I did.

Some of my Stats for the race based off my Garmin Forerunner:
Avg Pace: 14:09/mile
Elevation Gain: 2240ft
Time: 1:17:13 (I didn’t stop it until about a minute after crossing the finish)
Distance: 5.45 Miles
Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 10.31.23 AM

Make sure you check back soon to see my Recap on the Beast the day before. It seriously was a BEAST of a race!

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